8.8.8 - Etre.

"In dubio pro libertate"

"...we came along with thirst and hunger..."

"Know! love is love
and fate is bitter...
await not now, but love
comes hither!"

"Bravo Alpha"


In true understanding there is an obeisance to the differentness on common soil.

"The universe is never again the same for every word spoken!" (H.P.B.)

The whole world is tormented by words
And there is no one who does without words.But in so far as one is free from words! Does really understand words.
(Rāhula - Saraha, Treasury of Songs, v.88)

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I waited on a cold sunny morning
With frost on birch trees - die back soon

Placed my soul under stems and blooms
Silence has yet not curiously loomed

Out of susurrus - ‘oh, how true the world once was!’
On this lucid, airy morning; I will spin and slew

But another night; in these hours I so lurched
And I sang to death: ‘must I be purged?

Above a heaven; by my deathless kings?
Trickled tears; they washed away my sins!’

For all that! At this night

I now hold on to the moon
With its weeping but so gracious heart
Died with me and has torn the world apart




The Sky - a sentimental of mine

Such a graceful majesty!
A daring almost!
And a current in the light of the sky
Seemed it not - a prying try?
As dusk is like a veil
Falling in love - for real!
For a spark of reason
And for the scents of coming season
For the splendor of clouds
That are like vagabond angels
Singing melodies of peace
With the richness of senses
And the soot of the fired night
Resounds to cover
A warming blanket
For another morning - to hover
The sky. The purple, loving sky!
A vein of the day
Just an handful away
The grace of divine luster
The audacity of magic
The sky!
An illusion
A sentimental of mine


(…)They mutter in shock. And their remedies - dry as primroses of a past, lay before them - sunk in their mud. A sharp time and yet a seductive tale. God! They just abhor it!

I A haunt of water and a haunt of stars I


This! Oh, this!

I’ve missed the time that I had stopped
In a single minute of need
I let the liberty of silence speak

Which man would not want to
Save this kind of freedom
To save this right to weep - to let them lead?

A quiet moment
That was my anchor truth
My observation in my own lived youth
An ending of a sacrifice
Of one’s own happiness devised

This! Oh, this!

Was my way in that moment
And this is next to me so dormant
Avenging just a single blink
Sometimes in the dark - it there will sink

I met you - flashing; this, is my passing!
Going through the valley near
Believe me, friend! My dear!
Time is not my helper - never
It is my enemy - so ever!


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