In Silence It Is Sung

"Know! love is love
and fate is bitter...
await not now, but love
comes hither!"


"The universe is never again the same for every word spoken!" (H.P.B.)

The whole world is tormented by words. And there is no one who does without words.But in so far as one is free from words! Does really understand words.
(Rāhula - Saraha, Treasury of Songs, v.88)


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'If it is not read in silence it is sung'


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Oh, what a rousing flair!
In this summer wind we barely dare
To cross the dragon’s arcane lair
But listen well my friend!
This story has no end!
And has ’The Grandeur’ just stopped breathing?
For it heard no whispers ceasing
Just a petty breath so far
Gentle like a sentinel!
Till life is marred - and death on par
Mystery is forever barred


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