"All Is"
"Solely Mere words"

"precious wood"


"The universe is never again the same for every word spoken!" (H.P.B.)

The whole world is tormented by words
And there is no one who does without words.But in so far as one is free from words! Does really understand words.
(Saraha, Treasury of Songs, v.88)

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Harmonic K


Of The Ungodly Enlightened Messiahs

They called him The Messiah
Of a world
Because he was told to bleed
For many years
And as long as he bleeds
We ought to bleed

I call him The Wicked
Falling between murky clouds
Tighten up a mask of humanity
And we bear the same
Just as he does
With an absolute dignity

And there is
The Enlightened
Waking up
Between the sprouts of a tree
Laughing constantly
And the leaves are dry and withered
And fall on our head like feathers
Or like rain on a raging sea

And that is me
Born to die
In a world
Of The Ungodly Enlightened Messiahs
Between all these temples
Skyscrapers of those
Who once painted
The day and the night
With the pictures

Of All



Something tears in me
Lost the thread 
Imbibed the misadventure
And a small touch of fallibility
Creeps in - creeps over
In silent minutes
Devours it
The throat constricted
The veins pale
The blood haltingly
And if I didn’t know better
I’d scream…
"something tears in me"


Happiness is self-sufficiency
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