In Silence It Is Sung

"Know! love is love
and fate is bitter...
await not now, but love
comes hither!"


"The universe is never again the same for every word spoken!" (H.P.B.)

The whole world is tormented by words
And there is no one who does without words.But in so far as one is free from words! Does really understand words.
(Rāhula - Saraha, Treasury of Songs, v.88)

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The Hand - or the level of the fifth


Turn the penny with an Ace
And with the Pik you laugh away
The shadows of another King
Whereas the Knaves do always win
Not with the Crosses it does surely begin
But on the back of the Two - don’t you think?
Lead the penny through - and link it with
"The level of the Fifth"
And with the rose in hand
The Queen of cards
Catches the King of hearts


Coup de grâce


The antics of the night 

Changes in silence

Caught in loveliness and hate


But the first is always

Up in the sky

Wrestled with the stars

And the ancient lights



"Sanguine listener"


"Sanguine listener"


In my fingertips it tingles
Sudden I see myself
Touching gently the horizon

Feelings of lightness and melancholy
My heart pain may now cease

And while I linger in the glow of the sunset
I’m surrounded by the flattery of your presence

Dancing in the rays of the sun
Towards the north, I will run
At the end, I have yet begun



Christian Morgenstern

Last Night

Last night I heard you breathing
While the window was far wide open
And darkness had a bit the smell of unknown freedom

Dust of the past years were collected on unread books
Delicately quiet
And the muddy feather in a spider net was our tiny little set

Odour of a past love hung in the sticky air
Sweet and often too much bitter
And somehow solitude as well was the fellow of a pair

Last night I saw you smile
The door shut - just for a while
And the morning after we were acting a lot too vile

"Let me not get rid of the stars of the night
Too often met, too less of what was kept”

And it crept into me like a lightning
Fiery and fast and very frightening

Last night, I made us flee
Into another world (Did you see?)

And the world was bright and carefree
And it was just like you and me


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